"SEVENTH" is a musical concept created by Thierry Fornetti.
It focuses on the alchemy found in nature and offers a journey through an album of 11 (9 + 2 bonus) titles (still models) in English rock sounds.
The very concept of the number "7" is the eloquent symbol of the alchemical system and the different steps to be taken to reach the center of oneself.
It is a journey to the heart of the music which by the titles that appear there will understand some hidden meanings of life succinctly, subtle and summarized by revealing only the main axes.
However this album remains resolutely rock with titles like "777" referring to the absolute perfection or even "Avalon" reminding the island of "Avalon", mysterious island where King Arthur retreated, where was created Excalibur the famous sword, but also known for the golden fleece that Jason, the famous Jason of the Argonauts tries to find and carry through various stages more dangerous than others to finally get it.
In a way, the Grail.